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Headlight Lens Restoration Cream Kit

Headlight Lens Restoration Cream Kit

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Headlight Restoration Cream 100ml

No tools required

Product Characteristics:

This product uses organic silicon dioxide as the main ingredient, with better antioxidant properties and no corrosiveness. It can only restore the transparency that headlights should have, but also maintain the yellowing of headlights during daily ageing.

Instructions for use:

1) Firstly, clean the surface of the headlight with clean water to ensure that there are no sand particles on the headlight, than use a dry towel to wipe the moisture off the headlight.

2) Shake the product evenly, squeeze the repair solution onto a towel, and then vigorously rub back and forth on the surface of the headlight that needs to be refurbished

3) Wipe the headlights with the same method to make them shine brightly, If the headlights are seriously yellow then repeat the process several times until desired results.

4) Then wipe with a clean towel to complete the headlight renovation and transparency effect.


1) Keep away from children

2) If it accidently enters the eyes, immediately rinse with water and seek medical attention.

3) This product is only suitable for removing naturally formed light to moderate oxidation yellowing and blackening, and cannot be used inside the headlights

Whats in the box

1 x 100ml bottle liquid

2 x gloves

1 x towel

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