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Water & Soap Cannon - 8 Nozzle Multi-Function Spray Gun

Water & Soap Cannon - 8 Nozzle Multi-Function Spray Gun

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Water & Soap Cannon 8 Nozzle Multi-Function Spray Gun
Item Specifics: 
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 0.700 Kg
  • Dimension: 43cm X 54cm X 30cm
Item Features: 
  • 3 Way Flow Control Switch.
  • Ideal for Home, Garden or Vehicle Use.
  • Fully Adjustable, 8 Setting Spray Nozzle.
  • Just Attach to Your Hose with 8 Different Jet Spray Settings with Just the Turn of A Dial No Task Is Too Big.
  • Integral Detergent Chamber Automatically Mixes Your Favourite Liquid Soaps, Cleaners or Waxes. 
  • Blast Away Dirt and Grime from Patios and Driveways, Gutters and Steps. 
  • Powerful Enough to Reach High Second Story Windows and Also Gentle Enough for Watering Fragile Plants and Gardens.
  • 3-Way Flow Control Switch, and Built-In Soap Dispenser.
  • Great for Gutter, Siding, Decks, Fences, Pools, Patios, Walkways & Driveways.
  • Multi-Functional Hose Nozzle, Very Universal.
  • You Can Attach to Any Standard Hose.
  • Water Cannon Combines the Power of A Pressure Washer with The Convenience of Your Own Hose.


Spray Function:

  • Jet
  • Precision Jet
  • Mist
  • Rain
  • Angled Fan
  • Horizontal Fan
  • Vertical Fan
  • Soaker
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