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X900 Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight Focus Control

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Equipped with the smallest LED on the market and the highest in terms of brightness, the X900, in addition to its incredible brightness, also has a focus adjustment of up to 2000x. Its focus can reach long distances and the Battery Life can exceed 6 hours. Excellent to be used on trips, night walks, trails, pedaling or anything that needs clean, clear and satisfying lighting. It has 5 operating modes being strong, Economic 1, weak, Strobe and SOS Drop resistant model. The flashlight is completely made of aluminum.


75 000 Lumens

Power: 1 x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 26650

It has 5 operating modes: Strong, Economic, Weak, Strobe and SOS

Water resistant, shockproof.

Package content:
1x tactical flashlight

1x 26650 battery
1x charger

1x battery charger