Wonder Hanger Max 8 pack
Wonder Hanger Max 8 pack
Wonder Hanger Max 8 pack
Wonder Hanger Max 8 pack

Wonder Hanger Max 8 pack

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Do You Need More Closet Space? 

Wonder Hanger Max Triples Your Closet Space for Neat, Wrinkle-Free, Perfectly Organized Clothes! New and Improved. Wonder Hangers Are the Ultimate Solution to Any Crowded Closet. Space-Saving Wonder Hangers Triple the Hanging Space in Your Closet Instantly. Place Wonder Hangers on The Closet Rod, Hang 5 Wooden, Plastic or Metal Hangers in Open Slots, Lift One of The Hooks and Allow the Wonder Hanger to Drop Down to A Vertical Position. 

This Affordable Closet Essential Comes in A Package of Eight Durable Plastic Construction Hangers with Open Slot Design to Keep and Take out Five Pieces of Garments, Purses and Or Belts Easily.  One Hanger Holds Five Garments Horizontally, Drop One End Down for Vertical Placement to Increase Storage Instantly.


  • Each Set Comes with 8 Hangers
  • Keeps Clothes Organized and Wrinkle-Free
  • Lift and Release, the Cascading Design Will Increase Your Closet Space
  • Works on Every Garment and Any Type of Hanger: Plastic, Wood, and Metal
  • Holds 30 Lbs of Weight without Breaking or Bending
  • Can Double up With Two Garments per Slot
  • Easily Add or Remove Any Article of Clothing with The on And Off Open Design
  • May Be Used Throughout the Home: Coat Closets, Hall Closets, Guest Room, Kids' Room, Shower or Car
  • Perfect Space Saver Solution for Apartment and Dorms
  • Ideal for Garment Bags, Traveling, Rv, Boat, Etc