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TITANIUM Men's Black Line Wedding Ring - Size 13 | Z+1

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Size 13 | Z+1 | 22.2mm diameter | 7cm circumference 

Metal: Titanium Steel

Width: 8mm, Weight: 5 grams

Design: Black Center Line, Comfort Fit 


What are the advantages of buying titanium wedding rings?

Titanium is a more resistant material, it doesn't rust and it weighs a lot less than gold in any of its variants. Titanium rings are difficult to scratch and bend out of shape, therefore perfect for those who are afraid of damaging their rings.

Rings made from Titanium do not tarnish, therefore they will not give you a green ring around your finger. Titanium is hypo-allergenic, it will not cause an allergic reaction, and it can be worn at all times. It lasts forever!