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Smart Sensor Trash Box

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- The Motion Sensor Bin allows you to easily dispose of your waste with a touchless system.
- With a sleek design that will suit any room. The bin is both eco-friendly and energy saving, simply pop in the batteries and the bin is good to go.
- The bin operates with low noise as to not disturb you when in use.

- Self-closing system to avoid any contact.
- Infrared sensing mode, smart touch mode, infrared touch sensing dual-mode, long battery life,
- Normally open manual mode, touch button design, low-cost standby design
- A variety of programming changes can optimize the sensing intelligence and speed of the IC chip, bringing you a more practical product experience and life experience
- Infrared vibration Omni-directional sensing, 30 cm long distance optimization, silent cover closing program
- The smart sensor features: stereo dual-mode sensing, fast opening, silent opening, low power consumption, environmental protection

Material: ABS + Polypropylene.
Battery: 2 x AA battery (not included)
Capacity: 10lt
Size: approx. 307x210x197mm