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Silicone Toilet Brush - Wall Mounted

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The flat and pointed brush head is designed to better clean all corners of the toilet bowl by bending the brush head to different angles.

Quick drying holder:
Pack with a stable & breathable holder base, it is good for ventilation and keep the base cleaning.

No sprinkling and quick drying:
The unclosed design base facilitates ventilation and can quickly evaporate excess water on the toilet cleaning brush. The unique built-in drip drawer can prevent water stains from contaminating the floor, and it is very easy to take out and clean.

Widely used and wall-mounted:
To clean toilet, bathtubs, wash basins and sink , suitable for all ceramic plastic glass surfaces. You can also hang it on a smooth wall or toilet tank by the wall hook or place it on the floor.

What's in the box
1 x Silicone Toilet Brush
1 x Wall Mounted Fixture