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Self Defence 5 Meter Shoot Out Electroshock Kit (800 000V)

Self Defence 5 Meter Shoot Out Electroshock Kit (800 000V)

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Electroshock 800 000V
Use up to 5 meters away

Use from 15 feet away with laser accuracy and the most powerful takedown power available today. Uses electrodes 15 feet that penetrate the skin and thick clothing to deliver a disabling voltage to the attacker. 
Simply load a cartridge onto the end of the item and turn on when necessary.
When ready to use - simply push the 'fire' button and 2 steel pins with wires connected to your item will shoot out up to 15 feet and penetrate up to almost 1 centimeter.

Cartridges can be used once and then must be disposed of. Kit includes 3 cartridges.  

- 1 x 800 000V Electroshock
- 3 x Cartridges
- 1 x Pouch
- 1 x Charger
- 1 x Laser (Attached to Electroshock)

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