Professional 18Pcs Pedimate Foot Care Pedicure System
Professional 18Pcs Pedimate Foot Care Pedicure System

Professional 18Pcs Pedimate Foot Care Pedicure System

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Enjoy Beautiful, Smooth Feet with This Amazing 18 Piece Handheld Pedi Mate. This Fabulous Set Includes 2 Pedi Mate Foot Files and A 12 Piece Nail Grooming Kit. Features.
1.  Ideal for Pedicures and Manicures, There Will Be No Need for Any More Costly Visits to The Salon You Can Do It Yourself in The Comfort of Your Own Home.
2. the Ergonomic Design Allows the Pedi Mate to Fit Comfortably in The Palm of Your Hand, Making It Easy and Simple to Use.
3.  This Container Can Be Easily Emptied, Allowing You to Use the Pedi Mate Anywhere and Create No Mess.
4. Once You Have Removed the Dead, Callous Skin, You Can Use the Emery Finishing Pads for The Final Touch.
5. Then Use the Nail Grooming Kit, with 10 Grooming Attachments, to Trim, Buff and Brush Your Toenails
6. with This Amazing Set, Your Feet and Toenails Will Be Gleaming and Ready to Be on Show with All of These Amazing Features This Is the Perfect Diy Pedicure/manicure Set.
It Is Also an Excellent Gift Idea!
18 Piece Handheld Pedi Mate Includes:

  • 2 Pedi Mates for Filing Away Callous, Dry Skin Into a Self-Storing Container.

  • 1 Pedi Mate Nozzle with The Following Grooming Attachments

  • Superior Emery Barrel.

  • Professional Foot Cone.

  • Luxurious Buffing Barrel.

  • Satin Bristle Brush.

  • Blue Stone Disc.

  • Unique Ball Tip Cone.

  • Flat Disc Trimmer.

  • Bullet Cone.

  • Precision Pointed Cone

  • Rotating Emery Board.

  • Nail Shine.

  • 4 Emery Finishing Pads.


*please Note: For Hygiene Reasons, Exchanges and Returns Will Not Be Facilitated on These Items.


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