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Car Dent Repair Puller Hand Tool - Pop A Dent Repair Kit

Car Dent Repair Puller Hand Tool - Pop A Dent Repair Kit

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Developed and utilized by professional auto-body experts. Adhesive system design guarantees dent removal without the messy, sticky residue, other systems are known to leave behind. Repairs dents of all kinds.


  1. Insert a glue stick into the glue gun provided in the kit.
  2. Plug in the gun and allow it to warm up for two to three minutes.
  3. Identify the deepest area of the dent with your hands.
  4. Clean this area with a rag
  5. Place a dime-sized amount of hot glue onto the cleaned area.
  6. Allow the glue to sit for one to two minutes to become tacky.
  7. Set the puller horizontally onto the damaged area. The suction cup stick is then inserted into the hole in the center of the puller.
  8. Insert the knob found in the kit onto the end of the stick and continue to twist further down the stick until you hear a "pop" that indicates the dent has been removed.
  9. Remove any remaining glue residue from the automobile with a rag. 
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