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3-IN-1 Multifunction Dimming Light Flashlight Taser with Stun Protector - 288

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Flashlight Stun Gun with red laser pointer, Police-288 3in1 model with 12,000,000 volt (12000 Kv) current discharge capable of grounding any size of aggressor, both human and animal. It is equipped with a 5 mw red laser pointer that reaches up to about 300 meters. The body is in light and shockproof black anodized aircraft aluminum; in the tail there is an anti-theft and anti-fall safety wrist strap, on the head in addition to the electrodes for the passage of the current there is the 200 Lumen CREE LED bulb that produces a blinding light beam that can be seen at long distance and lasting about 2 continuous hours.

The 3 functions are:

  • 12,000,000 volt Stun Gun
  • 200 lumen flashlight
  • 5 mw red laser.

The torch and laser are switched on using a double-click button that is activated with the thumb, while for the electric discharge there is a small button on the opposite side that works only if the safety is unlocked (ON / OFF); this prevents accidental discharge. This stun gun looks like a common torch like those of the police, to be kept close at hand in various situations without attracting attention but at the moment of need it is handy and fast to use. The operation of Police-288 takes place through a special rechargeable Lithium Long Life battery (100,000 hours of life) which is inside and recharging takes place with a cable that, inserted directly on the torch, is connected to the mains. Excellent tool for self-defense.