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Mini Bear shaped Non Stick Egg / Pancake Frying Pan

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Mini Bear shaped Non Stick Egg/Pancake Frying Pan

Removable structure, easy to carry, suitable for camping.

The silicone handle on this pancake griddle is designed to stay cool on the stovetop. Gas stove and electric stove compatible,
Whether you cook on electricity, gas or conduction, this nonstick pan can take it.

The durable, hard construction of the egg pan is made to withstand any heat source. Unlike most cookware that ruins induction stovetops, with this restaurant-grade cooking pan you have nothing to fear.

All you need to do before the first use is wash with soapy water, rinse and dry. After each use, use any scrubber to easily remove the grease and oil. As the stove pan is nonstick you will never have to scrub to get burnt residues off. To make kitchen cleanup even simpler, the omelet pan is dishwasher safe so you can stick it into the machine to get it clean.

- Easy to use and with cute shape
- Good helper for you to frying food
- Colour: black
- Ideal for cooking eggs and mini pancakes
- Great for cooking fun meals for children
- Put a little oil into the pan, drop in your egg and hey presto a perfect kind of shaped egg!
- Material: composite steel

Preferably to use with a wooden spatula, washed with cotton dishcloths. Don't wash with metal material brush otherwise will remove the non-stick coating.

What's in the box
1 x Mini Bear shaped Non Stick Egg/Pancake Frying Pan