Jadies Cryotherapy Inspired Slimming Tight
Jadies Cryotherapy Inspired Slimming Tight
Jadies Cryotherapy Inspired Slimming Tight
Jadies Cryotherapy Inspired Slimming Tight

Jadies Cryotherapy Inspired Slimming Tight

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  • Inspired by cryotherapy, it is composed of microparticles extracted from the Jade Stone.
  • This fibre is revolutionary, it reduces body temperature in record time.
  • It provides a double effect on the body:
  • With its immediate shaping effect, it reshapes the silhouette 
  • Cool jade fibre presents in this Jadies panty will trigger a fresh feeling when the body responds by supplying energy to raise the body temperature.
  • To do this, it will take energy into fat and burns calories.
  • Totally invisible under clothing, it wan be worn under all circumstances

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It is inspired directly by cryotherapy, cold therapy, to make you lose inches and burn your calories. Because of its sheathing effect, it takes the principle of a classic panty by adding jade fibre. This fibre will give the body that feeling of freshness that will cause the increase of body temperature and thus burn fat.

It's originality? Innovative, original, this new trend is one of all magazines. We are now talking about the cold everywhere: in cosmetics from Siberia, the new algae from the Alps, the cryolipolysis that has become THE beauticians' method. We also favor cold food in diets. The introduction of "cold" in textiles is born of a need for great sportsmen. And we know: a cold shower helps firm the skin and promote blood circulation.

For who? The great quality of this product is that it is suitable for all. You can use it on a daily basis without special efforts. However, if you practice sports daily, you can wear the panty during your daily sessions. It will bring you a pleasant freshness and increase the results of the sport.

How it works? Normally, our internal body temperature is 37° C. Our body provides a constant effort to maintain this temperature. When we face cold, cold or frigid weather conditions, our body is mobilized by providing extra effort to maintain its ideal temperature. This is how he draws his first reserves: fats. This phase is called thermogenesis: the body draws its energy from stored fat which we want so much to get rid of. When the body is cold, it has been proven that fats burn excess energy instead of storing it. That's when you start burning calories and, therefore, losing inches.

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