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Flexmat - Flexible Tool Tray

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Flexmat is the portable tool tray with flex.

Flexmat is designed to keep your tools organized and within reach no matter the type of project. The multi-purpose, non-slip tool mat is made of ultra durable silicone that bends and flexes to work on virtually any surface. Protects surfaces from scratches and dents.

No more fumbling for tools. The Flexmat is great for any project around the house and will help keep you organized no matter the size of the job. Use it everywhere.

Flex mat is built for any job. It keeps your tools together and within reach. Flex mat can hold hundreds of items – tools, screws, drill bits, hex keys, arts and crafts, paint brushes and much more. It even works on curved surfaces such as the hood of your car.

Made of ultra-durable silicone the Flexmat bends and flexes to contour to virtually any surface.

Great for home improvements, auto, electronics, aviation, arts and crafts and so much more.

Keep All Your Tools Right Where Need Them!


  • Keep All Your Tools Right Where Need Them!
  • Holds Hundreds Of Items: Tools, Screws, Nails, Drill Bits, Hex Keys, Arts & Crafts, Paint Brushes & Much More
  • Great for: Home improvement, Auto, Electronics, Aviation, Arts & Crafts & Much More
  • Made of Ultra-durable Silicone: Bends & flexes to conform to virtually any surface


  • Dimensions 14” x 9”.
  • Rinse with warm water and wipe clean with dry cloth.
  • Color: Blue

NO Tools Included