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Elegant Silver Trivet - Extendable Pot Rest

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Instant Pot liners, crock pots, hot pots and pans, and other stovetop containers can damage tables or counters. This stainless steel trivet can prevent that from happening. But a potholder is usually too small in size or created with material that won't survive against extreme heat. These issues are solved with this flexible kitchen item. The extendable metal trivet is the go-to rack for the hot pot. The steel rivets are made of tough steel that will stand up to daily use.

Trivet steel is easy to clean and will hold up a good amount of weight. Use it as a kitchen pan holder to spare surfaces while cooking multiple dishes. Adjust the sizing to fit hot foods, platters, and pots. Stainless steel trivets make good cooling racks for baked goods too. Foods, sauces and liquids will come off of this steel easily. Simply wash it with soap and water and wipe it dry to use again immediately.


Want to have a home skillet meal? This pan holder fulfils the requirement and its extension capabilities provide a setting for two smaller pans. When all the meals and cooking are done, this trivet can serve as a small drying rack for cups, lids, and flatware.It can even be used for tasks outside of the kitchen. Small crafts that require being set aside to dry have a spot on this holder and away from foot traffic.
Lightweight, yet Durable.

1x Extendable Trivet (excluding pot and tray - pot and tray for display purpose only)

What's in the box
1 x Trivet / Pot Rest Silver Extendable