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Cat Feeding Bowl With Automatic Water Dispenser

Cat Feeding Bowl With Automatic Water Dispenser

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Novel Design:
- 0-15° tilt and comfortable 7cm raised stand design protects the cervical vertebrae, bowl design is multi-purpose, ear shape is particularly beautiful.

Automatic Water Supply:
- Siphon principle, stable control of water level, automatic water supply, 20oz reasonable water volume, 20oz large capacity.

Safety & Security:
- Environmentally friendly PP resin liner bowl, food grade PP bowl, food grade PET level, your pet's safety is the same as mine.

Easy To Clean:
- User-friendly separation design, detachable parts, simple structure, no dead corners for cleaning, we pay attention to user experience like Apple.

Double bowl design, both to eat and drink - a set of dishes with both water and food. The 0-15° double angle can be adjusted, the bottom is designed with a rotating fixed structure, the height can be adjusted, and the 7cm height is designed to make the pets comfortable to eat.
The principle of siphoning, automatic water renewal, reasonable control of water level. 20oz water capacity, Maintain adequate water supply.
Separate design, simple mechanism, easy to disassemble, no dead angle, easy to clean, good user experience.
We not only use food grade materials, but we also use environmentally friendly materials.

What's in the box
1 x Cat Dual Bowl Set

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