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Baby Walker

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The Music Walker Is a Walker for Babies Who Are Learning to Sit or Stand Up. the Baby Walker Comes with A Host of Toys that Are Interesting for Baby.

The Baby Walker Is a 3 Dimensional Triangular Structure with Stable Wheels and Easy-To-Grip Handles and Helps Babies Learn to Walk Easily and Safely. the Music Walker Can Be Used as A Sit and Play for 6-12 Months Old or Stand and Walk for 9-18 Months Old.

The Rear Wheels Are Made from Anti-Slip Silicone Pad and Are Shock-Absorbent.

The Music Walker Comes with A Host of Toys: Music Key, Magnetic Drawing Board, Mini Mobile Phone Toy, Rotating Wheels, Mirror

It Is Powered by 2 Aa Batteries and Requires a Screwdriver for Removing the Battery Cover.