Fishing Bait Lure Tackle Set

Fishing Bait Lure Tackle Set

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Luya hard bait: mino, pencil, VIB, pork chops, rock 'n' roll - five in all

Luya sequins: dragon scales, pineapple, torsion, shells, horsemouth - a total of 10

Raya soft bait: simulated shrimp, crawfish, thunder frog, single tail, double tail, earthworm, soft fish, soft shrimp, soft frog, cricket - a total of 50

Lu sub accessories: lead head wire, crank hook, bullet copper, retaining bead, anti - biting line, red heart piece, pin, double ring, tide hook, lu sub - clamp - a total of 89 pieces

Subbait box: double box 20*10*4.5cm