5D Diamond Painting - Children Sunset 22 cm x 40 cm
5D Diamond Painting - Children Sunset 22 cm x 40 cm
5D Diamond Painting - Children Sunset 22 cm x 40 cm

5D Diamond Painting - Children Sunset 22 cm x 40 cm

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Diamond Painting Is an Awesome New Diy Craft that Involves Completing Beautiful Designs Based on The Same Concept as Paint-By-Numbers. 
The Diamond Painting Uses Resin Dots Which Produce a Stunning Shimmery Effect when Light Hits the Completed Design. 
Because of The Simple Crafting Process, Most Ages Can Enjoy This Therapeutic Painting Technique. 
Diamond painting as A Hobby Has Many Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Health Benefits. Diamond Painting Is a Stress-Free Activity that Relaxes the Amygdala — the Fear Center of The Brain.

Just Like Meditation It Alleviates Free-Floating Anxiety and Allows Your Mind to Get the Rest It Needs.

  • Diy 5 D Diamond Painting
  • Painting by Numbers
  • 3 D Effect
  • Therapeutic and Fun
  • Perfect to Decorate Your Living Room or Bedroom
  • It Makes a Great Gift for Anyone

Please Note: Not Intended for Small Children. Chocking Hazard. 


Kit Contents:

1 X 5d Diamond Picture Beads Tool Kit Size; 22 cm x 40 cm
Everything You Need Is Included in The Kit:
1. Resin Diamonds
2. Plastic Pen
3. Plastic Dish
4. Pink Jelly Glue
5. Canvas Picture

Instructions for Use:

1. Open the Kit and Take out The Tools
2. Put a Suitable Amount of Glue on The Pen Head
3. Put the Diamond Colours You Choose on The Plate
4. Peel Off the Corresponding Protective Film of The Corresponding Colour from One Part of The Canvas, Then Use the Pen Head to Press the Top of The Diamond and Stick to The Board.
5. Use a Flat Hard Item Like a Book to Press the Diamond onto The Board to Make It Stick Firmly
Tip: In Order to Ensure the Adhesive Strength of Canvas Board, Please Rip the Protective Films One by One to Keep the Canvas Board Clean
  • Please Note: The Finish and Look of The Design, Once Completed, Will Be Less Clear and Smooth Due to The Individual Diamond Blocks.