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  • 5 Meter Measure Tape freeshipping - Dealz4all Store
  • 5 Meter Measure Tape freeshipping - Dealz4all Store
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5 Meter Measure Tape

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Measuring Tape is a 5-meter-long yellow-colored measuring tape with black markings on it. The tape is made from a resilient type of steel and is bent in a partial “C” shape to give it structural rigidity.

It is accurate to one-eighth of an inch or one-tenth of a centimeter. It also has a holding button that can be used to keep the tape open at a specific length.

Made Of:
- The body is made of high-strength plastic.
- The tape is made of alloy steel.
- The self-rolling spring is made of highly elastic alloy material.
- The holding button is made of rubber to make it comfortable to use.

Best Used For:
- Measuring the dimensions of anything.
- Marking measured points on a surface.
- Cutting several pieces of an object with a specified length.
- Measuring driveways, doors, and other parts of your estate.

Key Features:
- Long-lasting tape.
- Sturdy spring.
- Durable plastic body.
- Can hold readings.

How To Use:
- Pull the tape out of the body.
- Measure from the start of the tape to the point that’s out of the body.
- Press the button down to keep the tape open at a specific length.

- The tape is not meant for scientific purposes or jobs requiring lab-grade accuracy.
- Be careful when rolling the tape back, since it’s sharp.