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16 In 1 Push-up Board For Muscle Training

16 In 1 Push-up Board For Muscle Training

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The push-up board is a kind of fitness equipment used for doing push-ups. It consists of a main board and two handles. There are many holes in different positions on the main board. The handles can be installed in different holes according to your needs, allowing the exercisers to choose from a variety of angles. Holes in different positions are set on the main board to meet the different needs of the exercisers.

There are 20 holes on the main board of the push-up board, and these 20 holes are composed of four colors, which are blue, green, yellow and red. These four colors also represent the four parts of the exercise. Blue represents different choices for latissimus dorsi muscle exercise; green represents different choices for shoulder exercise; yellow represents exercise for triceps. Red represents different choices for chest muscle exercise. There is also a choice of different positions for one color, and each color and each hole are also connected by a straight line of different colors of blue, green, yellow, and red, so that the exercisers can choose different parts.  The exercisers change the position of the handle according to these straight lines, so that the exercisers can exercise different positions in multiple directions. The different colors and different positions of these holes correspond to different parts of the exercise, and the motherboard of the push-up plate combines the different colors and different positions of the holes to construct a service that meets the needs of more exercisers in different parts.  The push-ups are suitable for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts, suitable for both men and women.

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