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12V 6A Intelligent Pulse Battery Repair Charger

12V 6A Intelligent Pulse Battery Repair Charger

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Product Information:

Rechargeable battery type: lead acid battery (not for li-ion battery)

Input parameters: 110V-220V

Output parameter: 13.8V

Charging current: 6A (mA)

Product advantages:

Six protections: over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, low voltage protection

Silent cooling fan: greatly extend the life of the charger with aluminium radiator

Anti-freeze pure copper soft core wire and full wrapped alligator clip; cold and frost resistant and universal wide voltage 

Intelligent digital display: display data automatic carousel, can display temperature / current / voltage / power

Simple operation: precise control of the CPU, intelligent charging, no need of adjustment, automatic charging when the battery is plugged in

Red clip to fix battery positive (+)

Black clip to fix battery negative (-)

Pure copper high frequency transformer: powerful power and fast charging

Detection voltage and power: Connect the battery without plugging in the power, it can display the battery residual voltage. Keep track of your battery status and see if you need to charge.

One-button repair for activating the battery: using high and low frequency pulse repair technology, for the under voltage battery, the battery that has been idle for a long time and the battery that is not charged, which has a good repair and activation effect.

Winter and summer mode, voltage sub-charge: the charger automatically detects the outdoor temperature, automatically starts the winter and summer mode; automatically selects the appropriate charging voltage according to the temperature without adjustment.



Intelligent charging, automatic stop when fully charged, one-button repair, winter and summer mode charging

Suitable for SUV 12V 6AH-100AH Motorcycle Car SUV

Dry battery water battery lead-acid maintenance-free battery (lithium battery is not suitable)


Package List:

1 * Smart Car Battery Charger 12V 6A

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