30-Pair Stackable Shoe Rack

30-Pair Stackable Shoe Rack

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30-Pair Stack-able Shoe Rack


The 30 Pair Shoe Rack Organizer is a convertible & light weight shoe rack. It is strong and durable.

- It has detachable 10 tier and you can easily reduce the height of stackable shoe rack
-Shoes can be stored within view and are easily accessible, so you can quickly find the right shoes for any outfit.
- One can easily separate the shoe rack into different small shoe racks as it has convertible light weight design.
- Shelves are of metal rods and remaining side body or stand is made of high quality plastic.
- It can be used in your closet, living room, garage or apartment
- The standing rack can hold an entire shoe collection and is space saving too.
- Easy to assemble
- Lightweight so can be moved easily and quickly
- 10 Tier with a capacity to hold up to 30 pairs of shoes dependent on the size and width of the shoes.
- Free standing
- Multiple racks can be added together to increase storage space.
- Heart shape Shoe Rack
- Shoes are not INCLUDED















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